What is God Doing in the Muslim World?

Islam seems to be on the move around the world, exerting its influence through terrorism and the spread of Sharia, as well as immigration and political persuasion. Some reports conclude that Muslims will outnumber Christians by the end of this century, and other sources predict that Christianity will recede into obscurity as Islam rises in power and influence.

How Do You Answer Muslim Objections?

Most Muslims have never spoken with a Christian about the gospel, and most Christians do not know what to say when they do have an encounter with a Muslim. However, there are four major objections that Muslims usually bring up when these encounters do take place.

Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?

There has been a great deal of confusion brought on by this question, especially in the aftermath of a Wheaton professor’s comment affirming that Muslims and Christians do indeed worship the same God. After all, can there logically be more than one God in the universe? If there is only one God, and Muslims and Christians both worship this one God, then they must, by logic, worship the same God.

The Worldview of Islam and Radical Islam

It seems kind of out of place to talk about the rise of radical Islam when Muslim marauding bands slaughtered Muslims and non-Muslims from the beginning of the seventh century, and Islam has taken many areas of the world throughout the centuries that followed. Maybe we should have called the article the Latest Rise in Radical Islam or the Modern Day Rise in Radical Islam.

Pre-Islamic Overview: Paganism or Heretical Monotheism?

The traditional accounts describe Arabs before the time of Muhammad as being in a state of confusion, which Muslims refer to as “Jahiliyyah.” This term means that the Arabs were spiritually lost, and their practices were strongly opposed to Allah’s ways – they did not know the truth and were always fighting among themselves.

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