Is Expulsion from the Church Warranted for Habitual Pornography Viewing?

The article "Is Expulsion from the Church Warranted for Habitual Pornography Viewing?" delves deeply into the Scriptural principles guiding church discipline, particularly in cases of persistent sin such as habitual pornography viewing. It outlines the grave implications of such behavior on personal spirituality and the communal health of the church, while emphasizing the process and purpose of disciplinary actions, with the ultimate aim of restoration through repentance.

Protecting Children from Woke Ideological Education: A Biblical Perspective

The article explores the dangers posed by "woke ideological education" in schools, as seen from a Christian perspective, offering steps for parents to guard their children's spiritual and moral integrity. Using a real-life tale of a girl coerced into changing her identity, the content offers ways for parents to remain vigilant with children's education, advocating open communication, understanding curriculum content, building a strong biblical foundation, and considering alternative education options. It urges parents to be proactive, while remembering that their duty is to protect their children from harmful ideologies.

Finding Peace Amidst Chaos: A Guide for Today’s Youth

Finding Peace Amidst Chaos: A Guide for Today's Youth offers practical, Bible-based strategies to help young Christians cultivate an inner peace that surpasses understanding. This guide highlights the importance of a deep relationship with God, immersion in His Word, Christian fellowship, service to others, and embracing God's sovereignty in maintaining tranquility amidst life's chaos.

CHRISTIAN YOUTH: How to Resist Temptation

Being able to resist temptation is a characteristic of true maturity and strength. There are six effective tips that can help you develop this ability, which can improve your resolve and reduce the stressful consequences of giving in. Resisting temptation requires self-discipline and practical steps such as knowing your weaknesses, anticipating potential temptations, and surrounding yourself with supportive friends. Find guidance from the Bible and learn how to make wise choices that align with your values and beliefs.

CHRISTIAN LIVING: Teen Depression—Why? What Can Help?

Learn about the causes and symptoms of teen depression, as well as effective treatments and coping strategies. Find out how to offer support to your depressed teen and create a "first-aid kit" for emotions. Get valuable insights from both professional counselors and young people who have successfully dealt with depression.

Christian Youths—What Will You Do With Your Life?

In today's world, it can be easy to get caught up in the pursuit of material success and the pressure to achieve certain milestones or accomplishments. However, it is important to remember that true happiness and fulfillment do not come from external circumstances or achievements but from within. Cultivating a strong relationship with God and dedicating oneself to serving him can bring a sense of purpose and meaning to life that goes beyond temporary pleasures or successes.

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