CHRISTIANS: What Does the Universe Tell Us?

Explore the mysteries of the universe and the implications they have on our beliefs. From the organizational structure of the universe to the fine-tuned features that support life on earth, discover how the universe is pointing towards a higher being. Learn about the observations of renowned astronomers and scientists and how they relate to our Christian faith. Join the conversation on "CHRISTIANS: What the Universe Tells Us" and discover the truth behind the cosmos.

Reconciling Science and the Bible

Does the Bible harmonize with scientific truths about the natural world? Is it accurate when it mentions matters of science? Doesn't the Bible conflict with established scientific facts, like creation vs. evolution or the age of the earth? Doesn't the Bible contain scientific impossibilities like a global flood, resurrection, and converting water into wine?

Science and Christianity?

Interactions between science and Christianity are often mistakenly described under the heading “Science and the Bible.” Little progress can be made, however, until one realizes that such a comparison results from a confusion of categories.

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