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Bible Translation Philosophy

Can the Bible Ever Be Translated Perfectly into English?

First, there is no perfect translation into any language at present. There are a few things that get in the way of a perfect translation. TEXTUAL BARRIER We do not have the original manuscripts (Hebrew/Aramaic for the OT and Greek... Continue Reading →


Which English Bible Translation Is Preferred by Most Christian Bible Scholars?

This is the wrong question. It is impossible to say which translation they may prefer because there is no survey of them specifically. Being that I am a Bible scholar and I have many Bible scholar friends, so I can... Continue Reading →

Which Bible Translation is the Most Accurate and Trustworthy?

UPDATED AMERICAN STANDARD VERSION (UASV) OUR PURPOSE Our primary purpose is to give the Bible readers what God said by way of his human authors, not what a translator thinks God meant in its place.—Truth Matters! OUR GOAL Our primary... Continue Reading →

THE KING JAMES BIBLE: Do You Know the King James Version?

The King James Bible was originally published in 1611. Some have estimated that the number of copies of the King James Version that have been produced in print worldwide is over one billion! There is little doubt that the King... Continue Reading →

Modern English Bible Translations

King James Version and Derivatives The King James Version of 1611 (in its 1769 amended Oxford edition) still has an immense following, and as such there have been a number of different attempts to update or improve upon it. The English Revised Version... Continue Reading →

Translating Things that Get in the Way of Understanding

The languages of the Bible as we know are Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek of thousands of years in the past. Their culture is far removed from ours and is varied because the 66 books of the Bible were written throughout... Continue Reading →

Translating the Unknown

What exactly is meant by “unknown?” This is the gulf that exists between those of Bible times and us today, in our modern world. There is a difference in time, custom, and culture, places, language, and worldview. How many reading... Continue Reading →

Idioms in Bible Translation

Idioms are a fixed expression with nonliteral meaning: a fixed distinctive expression whose meaning cannot be deduced from the combined meanings of its actual words. A drop in the bucket is a very small part of something big or whole.... Continue Reading →

HOW WE GOT The Old Testament Text

The Old Testament, the inspired Word of God, how was it copied, maintained as to the textual reliability, and handed down throughout the past three thousand years? It should be appreciated that what we possess today is nothing short of... Continue Reading →

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