EXEGETICAL INSIGHTS: Proverbs 3:5-6 Make Personal Decisions Wisely

To confide in God’s will, the secret of all true greatness is to rise out of all our anxieties and plans and fears when we think of ourselves as the arbiters of our own fortunes, and so 'lean to our own understanding.' Not in acts of solemn worship or great crises only, but 'in all thy ways;' and then God will make the 'path' straight and even.


As I have written in previous articles, a good English translation can go a long way in helping the reader of God’s word understand the text, but there are times where a consideration of the original language can help that same reader go even farther. One such text is Ephesians 2:8-10.

Some Internal Insights on Scripture

The Word of God can be and should be trusted; God commands us to trust His Word. The credentials of the Bible have constantly, through time, been under attack by liberals, skeptics, and other religious followers.

THE PASTOR IN HIS SERMON: “The English Says, …”

How many times have we been in church listening to the preacher do a good job expositing (explaining) the text?  At some point, he says “Now, what the Greek actually says is…” At that pronouncement, the congregation grows a little quieter and a little more attentive.  Why is that?

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