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Maybe the Gospel Writer John Altered the Day That Jesus was Crucified Contradicting Mark for Theological Purposes?

The first article Maybe the Gospel Writer Mark Was Just Wrong (Christian Publishing House Blog of June 25, 2018), we covered Bart D. Ehrman response when writing an initial paper, for a Princeton professor by the name of Cullen Story at the beginning of his... Continue Reading →


Is the Bible Just a Good Book Written by Men?

Would You Risk Your Life to Read or Just Own a Bible? The Old Testament of thirty-nine books were written over about 1060 years by 28+ authors (1500 B.C.E. - 440 B.C.E.). The New Testament of twenty-seven books were written... Continue Reading →

Did the God of the Bible Condone Slavery

The stark, harsh images that come to mind when we think of slavery is that of the dark, sweaty bodies of slaves bent over rowing ships as the boss man beat them with whips. We picture the same men and... Continue Reading →

WHEN Bad Things Happen to Good People

Shortly after a horrifying battle in one war-torn land, where thousands of women and children had been slaughtered; thereafter, being buried in a mass grave surrounded by markers, the following inscription on each marker was found: “Why?” What a painful... Continue Reading →

ISLAM and CHRISTIANITY: Identifying the Book of Truth

 Edward D. Andrews What does the Quran say about “God’s Word”? Surah 2:4 says, “[The righteous] trust what has been revealed to you [Mohammed] and to others before you, and firmly believe in the life to come.” What is meant... Continue Reading →

ISLAM: The Need to Search for the Truth

 Edward D. Andrews John 18:38 Updated American Standard Version (UASV) 38 Pilate said to him, “What is truth?” In the United States, there are 350,000 churches, making up hundreds of denominations. Eighty percent of these are stagnant, with nineteen percent growing... Continue Reading →

ISLAM: Why You Should Consider the Bible

Edward D. Andrews The Bible is a revelation from our Heavenly Father, about our Heavenly Father, i.e., his will and purposes. (1 Thess. 2:13) If we take the things we learn and apply them in our lives, we will live... Continue Reading →

ISLAM: Examining Islamic Jihads

 Edward D. Andrews One of the bigger contradictions that we find in the Quran is that of the freedom of worship. Many times the Quran says that there is religious liberty. Surah 2:256 says, “There is no compulsion in religion.”... Continue Reading →

ISLAM: Is the Quran from God or Man?

 Edward D. Andrews The orthodox Islamic position on the Quran is that it is “uncreated” and “it was written from the beginning in golden rays on a gigantic tablet in the highest heavens.” (Morris 1916) The objective of this claim... Continue Reading →

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