PSALM 15:2—He Speaks Truth In His Heart

The Psalms, a poetic anthology of prayers, hymns, and laments, offer profound insights into the complexities of the human condition and the nature of God. Psalm 15, a brief but penetrating Psalm, delves into the qualities that characterize the individual who may abide in God's presence.

Christians—Who Are You to Judge Others?

Navigating the complicated terrain of judging others as Christians. How can we reconcile the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 7:1 with the broader Scriptural mandate to evaluate actions righteously? Learn the distinction between righteous and condemnatory judgments and how to balance the two in a Christian life.

Christians—Removing the Stain of Sin

"Christians—Removing the Stain of Sin" delves into the profound biblical understanding of sin's introduction into the world and God's loving provision for redemption. It explores the complex nature of sin, its effect on humanity, and the extraordinary sacrifice of Jesus Christ that offers the path to salvation. The article provides practical insights on how believers can navigate their sinful nature and lays out the divine promise of a sin-free future.

Christians, the Peace of God, Which Surpasses All Comprehension

This insightful article explores the profound concept of the peace of God, a peace that transcends human comprehension. Through careful analysis of Scriptures and practical application in the lives of Christians, it reveals how this divine peace can be experienced and nurtured. Dive into this enlightening study to deepen your understanding of what it means to walk in the peace of God.

Christians, What Gives True Peace of Mind?

In a turbulent world, Christians seek true peace of mind. Through faith in Jesus Christ, trust in the promises of God, and the application of Scripture, believers can find unshakable peace. Explore how the teachings of Christianity offer a spiritual tranquility that surpasses all understanding.

Is It True that “All Have Sinned”?

The article "Is It True that 'All Have Sinned'?" explores the biblical truth of mankind's inherent sinfulness. Delving into various examples of sin and wrong attitudes, it highlights the ways humans miss the mark of obedience to God's will. Despite our shortcomings, there is hope through the love and consideration of God as revealed in the Scriptures.

Look Straight Ahead as a Christian

"Look Straight Ahead as a Christian" emphasizes the importance of keeping a steadfast gaze on our faith, just like Moses, Jesus, and faithful men of old. The article encourages Christians to develop a positive outlook, build greater faith and trust, deepen spirituality, and to walk with God. By aligning our lives with these principles, we can look forward to a rich reward.

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