THE CHRISTIAN FAMILY—For a Happy Marriage: Show Affection

Work, stress, and the everyday pressures of life can cause a married couple to show less affection. Can genuine affection be rekindled? Showing affection is crucial to a strong and healthy marriage. Learn how to express love through words, actions, and quality time spent together. Discover the biblical principles that can guide you in building a lasting bond with your spouse.

CHRISTIAN COUNSELING: From Pedophilia to “Minor Attracted Person” (MAP)

CHRISTIAN COUNSELING: Explore the complexities of Minor Attracted Persons (MAPs) and the importance of balancing support, safety, and accountability. Discover prevention and intervention strategies, the role of mental health professionals, and steps towards fostering understanding and open dialogue. Minors can take several steps to protect themselves from potential harm posed by Minor Attracted Persons (MAPs) or other individuals who may engage in inappropriate or harmful behaviors.

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