Christians—Our Struggle Against Dark Spiritual Forces

The article discusses the Christian concept of spiritual warfare. It emphasizes the reality of Satan and dark spiritual forces, asserting that they actively oppose God's plan and attempt to lead people away from Him. The article outlines Satan's tactics—deception, temptation, and accusation—and articulates the spiritual armory available to believers, including truth, righteousness, faith, and Scripture. It reaffirms the importance of community and vigilance in combating these forces and highlights the believer's ultimate reliance on God.

CHRISTIANS: What Is Apostasy? What Is an Apostate?

In the Christian context, apostasy is a term that denotes a willful falling away or defection from the Christian faith. It represents an intentional and decisive rejection of the beliefs and doctrines once professed. An individual who commits such an act is known as an apostate.

How are We to Respond to and what Is the Lesson from the Ravi Zacharias’ Spiritual Shipwreck?

The unfortunate events surrounding the late Ravi Zacharias, a widely respected Christian apologist accused of serious moral failings, have sent shockwaves through the global Christian community. Zacharias, who spent decades defending the Christian faith and mentoring countless individuals, sadly left a legacy marred by scandal. The response to and lessons from this 'spiritual shipwreck' offer critical insights for individual believers and the broader church.

What Do We Know About the Approaching Conflict with the Enemies of the Church?

The Christian faith, throughout its history, has faced opposition from various quarters. As the Bible has prophetically revealed, the church's conflicts with its enemies will continue and even intensify as we approach the culmination of human history. However, these aren't merely physical or ideological battles. They are spiritual confrontations that ultimately pit God against the forces of evil.

Christians Know Your Enemies

Delve into an insightful exploration of the various entities that oppose the Christian faith. Understanding these "enemies" - the world, the flesh, the devil, and false doctrines - can equip us to uphold our faith amidst challenges.

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