BIBLE HISTORY: The Migrations of Abraham

According to the traditional view, Abraham began his migration from Ur in the southern Mesopotamian plain. Some scholars, however, prefer an Ur located in northwestern Mesopotamia, noting that all other references to the patriarchal homeland point to that direction.

Palestine in the Time of the Patriarchs

After more than two centuries of decline, urban life returned to Canaan in the Middle Bronze Age (ca. 2000–1550 B.C.) as classical Canaanite culture reached its zenith. Cities and villages sprang up, especially in the coastal plains and the great fertile valleys of Jezreel and the northern Jordan Valley.

WAS MOSES A PLAGIARIST? Was the Law of Moses Copied from the Code of Hammurabi?

David P. Wright argues that the Jewish Covenant Code is “directly, primarily, and throughout” based upon the Laws of Hammurabi. In 2010, a team of archaeologists from Hebrew University discovered a cuneiform tablet dating to the eighteenth or seventeenth century BC at Hazor in Israel containing laws clearly derived from the Code of Hammurabi. Is David P. Wright correct, was Moses a plagiarist? Very detailed answer in this article.

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