Difficulties in the Bible?

Sooner or later, every young Christian comes across passages in the Bible which are hard to understand and difficult to believe. To many a young Christian, these difficulties become a serious hindrance in the development of their Christian life. For days and weeks and months, oftentimes, faith suffers partial or total eclipse.

What Types of Bible Difficulties Are There and How Should We View Them?

As we look over the ten classes of difficulties, we see they all arise from our imperfection in understanding, and not from the imperfection of the Bible. The Bible is perfect, but we, being imperfect, will have difficulties in understanding it. As we grow more and more in our understanding of God, our difficulties grow ever less and less, and so we are forced to conclude that when we dig deeper into God's Word, we shall have very few difficulties whatever with the Bible.

How Can We Courageously Deal With Bible Difficulties?

Whenever you find a difficulty in the Bible, frankly, acknowledge it. Do not try to obscure it. Recognize the limitations of your own mind and knowledge, and do not for a moment imagine that there is no solution, just because you have found none. Make up your mind that you will find the solution if you can by buying out a respectable amount of study time and complex thinking. Do not be frightened when you find a difficulty, no matter how unanswerable or how insurmountable it appears at first sight. Do not be discouraged because you do not solve every problem in a day. Remember, many times, nothing explains Scripture like Scripture. It is simply incredible how difficulties dissolve when one looks at them on his knees.

How Do You View Bible Difficulties?

In short, there are no contradictions, errors, or mistakes in the Bible, but there are Bible difficulties. Basically, Bible Difficulties are difficulties that arise because the Bible was written in Hebrew, some Aramaic, and Greek over 1,600 years by some forty+ authors, in dozens of different historical settings that require much Bible background knowledge.

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