The Role of the Hyksos in Egyptian History

Explore the complex role of the Hyksos in ancient Egyptian history, as scholars debate their connection to the Israelites and the nature of their conquest. This article delves into historical accounts, archaeological findings, and differing interpretations to shed light on this enigmatic period.

Why Did the Ancient Israelites Pay a Bride Price?

Uncover the intriguing history behind the ancient Israelite custom of paying a bride price. Discover the reasons behind this practice, from compensating the father to ensuring the commitment of the husband. Learn how it reflects the patriarchal values of the time and how it was perceived in the Bible. Get a deeper understanding of the ancient Israelite society and how it can apply to Christians today with “Why Did the Ancient Israelites Pay a Bride Price?”

Aaron, Moses’ Brother, to be the Priest for the Nation

Paul demonstrates how the priestly office, first filled by Aaron, was characteristic of that which Christ Jesus serves as a superior and heavenly high priest. This being so, the priestly position, operation, and procedure of Aaron’s high office take on extra meaning for Christians. (Heb 8:1-6; 9:6-14, 23-28)

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