Navigating Through Doubt: How Should a Christian Respond?

Explore this article to discover effective strategies for dealing with the uncertainties of faith. This article delves into the different types of doubt Christians may face – factual, emotional, and volitional – and offers biblical guidance for each. Learn how prayer, scripture study, community support, and wise counsel can help strengthen faith and provide clarity in times of spiritual uncertainty.

Does the Bible Offer Hope of Resurrection for an Unborn Child Who Dies?

This article delves into the emotionally charged and theologically complex question of the afterlife for unborn children. This article examines the biblical understanding of life, death, and resurrection, emphasizing the sanctity and value of every individual, including the unborn. It explores theological perspectives and pastoral considerations, offering insights into God’s compassion and justice, and providing a reasoned basis for hope in the resurrection of unborn children. The piece serves as a source of comfort and assurance for those grieving the loss of an unborn child, affirming the breadth of God’s mercy and the inclusivity of His redemptive plan.

How Can Humans Today Strive to Be Perfect as Commanded in Matthew 5:48?

In this article we explore the profound directive of Jesus Christ to be perfect as God is perfect. This article delves into the Greek meaning of 'perfect', the theological implications of this command, and its practical application in Christian living. We discuss the journey of spiritual and moral growth, emphasizing the role of divine grace, love, forgiveness, and obedience to God's will. This exploration offers insights into achieving moral completeness and maturity, aligning actions with God’s standards, and continually growing towards Christ-likeness in every aspect of life.

What Moved Jesus to Weep at Lazarus’s Tomb?

In the evocative narrative of John 11:35, we find Jesus weeping at the tomb of his friend Lazarus. This article delves into the complex tapestry of emotions and divine purposes behind Jesus' tears, exploring the depths of his human empathy, his divine sorrow over the corruption of death by sin, and the profound statement these tears make about his impending sacrifice and the triumph of resurrection.

Is Expulsion from the Church Warranted for Habitual Pornography Viewing?

The article "Is Expulsion from the Church Warranted for Habitual Pornography Viewing?" delves deeply into the Scriptural principles guiding church discipline, particularly in cases of persistent sin such as habitual pornography viewing. It outlines the grave implications of such behavior on personal spirituality and the communal health of the church, while emphasizing the process and purpose of disciplinary actions, with the ultimate aim of restoration through repentance.

Expressions of Opposition to the Bible

Throughout history, the Bible has faced opposition such as deliberate physical destruction, critical academic examinations, portrayals of outdated moral standards, legal and political challenges, and misrepresentations in media and popular culture. Despite this, the Bible's presence and influence persist, serving as a beacon of truth and hope for millions worldwide, testifying to its enduring power and relevance.

The Unparalleled Influence of the Bible on Personal Sacrifice

The post discusses the historical context, influence, and divine authorship of the Holy Bible. Despite facing numerous challenges, the Bible has been a beacon of hope and guidance due to its timeless messages of hope, redemption, and salvation. Its unique position is highlighted by the extraordinary courage and sacrifice of ordinary people who ensured its preservation. The authors of the Bible, including David, Isaiah, Paul, and Peter, all attested to its divine inspiration, reinforcing its unmatched reliability and relevance as the authoritative Word of God.

Remarkable Facts About the Bible

The Bible, enduring thousands of years and various attempts to suppress it, demonstrates a resilience that transcends simple literature. Written by over 40 authors from diverse backgrounds over 1,600 years, it presents a consistent message, supported by archaeological and prophetic accuracy. Its global impact, transformative power, and honest depiction of heroes further establish its significant place in human history and literature.

The Modern Landscape of Skepticism In Relation to the Bible

The perception of the Bible in the 21st century is seen through several lenses including as literature, outdated morality, mythology, and a tool of control. Given the skepticism and misconceptions about the Bible, it's vital to genuinely comprehend the Bible not just as an ancient text, but as a testament to God's relationship with humanity.

Identifying and Evaluating Ten Genuine Conservative Bible Scholars You Can Trust

This article lists and discusses ten prominent conservative scholars who steadfastly support the doctrine of biblical inerrancy - the belief that the Bible is entirely accurate and without error. Key figures include __________ and _________, whose works defend the Bible's perfection in historical, scientific, and theological aspects. The article also emphasizes the need for continual discernment as it's possible for scholars to deviate from conservative views towards relatively liberal or moderate stances over time.

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