The Conversion of Saul to the Apostle Paul

Saul’s Persecution and Conversion (8:1–9:30). A great persecution entered Jerusalem that very day, causing a dispersion of everyone except the apostles. Philip, one of the seven travels to Samaria, where many accept the Good News. Peter and John are sent to Samaria, lying “their hands on them and they received the Holy Spirit.” (8:17-18) shortly... Continue Reading →


A Mixture of Historical Fiction with Historical Narrative Based on God's Word (Aʹbel) [possibly, Exhalation; Vanity]. The second son of Adam and his wife Eve, and the younger brother of their firstborn son, Cain. (Ge 4:2) The absence of the verb harah (Ge 4:2; compare verse Ge 1:1-31) has been taken to imply, perhaps truly, that Cain... Continue Reading →

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