THE BIBLE’s VIEWPOINT: Hate Is Never the Answer

“Love your enemies.”—MATTHEW 5:44.

Throughout the United States and other countries, hatred and animosity between race and ethnic groups (Caucasians, Blacks, and Latinos), as well as worldview ideologies (Black Lives Matters, Antifa, Leftist Marxism), not to mention political ideologies (conservatism vs liberalism and capitalism vs socialism), and religious beliefs (Christianity vs Atheism).

What Did Jesus Look Like?

This sickly, delicate, weak, halo-encircled, effeminate, melancholy, long-haired Christ, which is the common depiction in the art, is not even close to what Jesus would have looked like. In fact, it is far removed from the biblical Jesus. Find out from a Scriptural investigation what Jesus would have looked like.

How Are We to Understand the Wrath of God?

At a glance, the biblical teaching on the wrath of God seems inconsistent with the doctrine of God’s love. Unfortunately, ignorance of the OT and a misunderstanding of the NT have resulted in a heretical view of the biblical ...

NEW TESTAMENT TEACHING: Who Are the Children of God?

In the Garden of Eden, Satan declared that the solution to real freedom is independence from God. What a wicked and atrocious lie that has proved to be! Really, the more humans have ignored the moral and spiritual limits set by God, the more humanity as a whole has suffered. This worsening situation also affects us as Christians. Nevertheless, we have the hope that “the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to corruption and obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God..” (Rom. 8:21)

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