Does the Bible Teach Liberation Theology?

According to Brazilian Catholic theologian Frei Betto says that liberation theology is a “critical reflection on the practice of liberating the poor, having as basis the Bible, Christian tradition, and the teachings of the ecclesiastical magisterium.”

Does God Change His Mind?

How this question is answered has a bearing on our understanding of the doctrine of God, particularly in relation to aspects of his character such as his sovereignty and immutability. But it also affects our understanding of prayer.

Why God? Why God? Why God? WHY!

Many say that the problem of evil, wickedness, great tragedies, are a mystery that cannot be understood. This is absolutely not true. There is a biblical answer to the most difficult question that plagues us. It is found here in this article.

THE BIBLE: Greatest Sentence that Was Ever Written!

That is the greatest sentence that has ever been written. That sums up the whole contents of the Bible. If I were asked for a sentence to print in letters of gold on the outside of our Bible, a sentence that summed up the whole contents of the Book, it would be this one, “_____________.”

CHRISTIANS: Can Imperfect Humans Save the Earth?

The Bible prophesied that man would ‘ruin the earth.’ (Revelation 11:18) Will humans completely ruin the earth? How much damage will imperfect humanity cause? Is there a point where the earth cannot be restored? Worriedly, we ask, will we ruin the earth to the point where it will be beyond repair? Don't some Christians teach that the earth is slated for destruction anyway, so why does it even matter?

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