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Early Christianity

The Conversion of Saul to the Apostle Paul

Saul’s Persecution and Conversion (8:1–9:30). A great persecution entered Jerusalem that very day, causing a dispersion of everyone except the apostles. Philip, one of the seven travels to Samaria, where many accept the Good News. Peter and John are sent... Continue Reading →


APOCRYPHAL GOSPELS: Hidden Truths About Jesus?

INTRODUCTION Early Gospels [a-pok'-ri-fal gos'-pels] The introduction to the third canonical Gospel shows that in the days of the writer, when the apostles of the Lord were still living, it was a common practice to write and publish accounts of... Continue Reading →

Clash of Culture Christianity vs. Rome

First Century AD Christianity found itself at odds with the culture, which dominated the Roman Empire at the time.  Just as the Jewish Maccabees rejected the Greek culture two centuries before, so did the early Christians who would not pay... Continue Reading →

CONSTANTINE THE GREAT: A Defender of Christianity?

[A.D. 272 – 337.] Many Christian scholars have given Roman Emperor Constantine the expressions “saint,” “thirteenth apostle,” “holy equal of the apostles”; while others describe Constantine as “bloodstained, stigmatized by countless enormities and full of deceit, . . . a... Continue Reading →

Were Jesus, the Apostles, and the Early Christians Illiterate, Uneducated?

In recent years, a number of scholars have suggested that Jesus could not read, and that in all likelihood none of his disciples could read either. They maintain this because of studies that have concluded that rates of literacy in... Continue Reading →

The Apostle Paul’s Writings and His Character

James Stalker and updated by … It has been mentioned that the third missionary journey closed with a flying visit to the churches of Greece. This visit lasted several months; but in the Acts it is passed over in two or... Continue Reading →

THE CHURCH FATHERS: Advocates of Bible Truth

The Church Fathers were prominent theologians and Christian philosophers who lived between the second and fifth centuries C.E. More broadly speaking, Robert M. Grant writes, “In Christian thought since the eighth century, a church father (pater ecclesiae) is a teacher living... Continue Reading →

THE APOLOGISTS: Christian Defenders of the Faith

Marcion of Sinope: He was a rich young man who was also a significant leader in early Christianity (c. 85 – c. 160 C.E.). He publicly stated that Christians should reject the Old Testament. The other Church leaders would eventually... Continue Reading →

Patristic Quotations from New Testament Authors

Another primary source for recovery of the original text of the New Testament is the enormous number of quotations from the early Christian writers (apologetic works, epistles, commentaries, sermons, and the like). “Apostolic Fathers” is the descriptive term used for... Continue Reading →

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