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Early Christianity

THE APOSTLE PAUL His Missionary Travels

James Stalker and Edward D. Andrews Paragraphs 79–114. 79–88.       The First Journey. 79, 80.      His Companions. Cyprus. Change of his Name. 82–87.       The Mainland of Asia Minor. Desertion of Mark; 84. Antioch-in-Pisidia and Iconium; 85–87. Lystra and Derbe; 88. Return. 89–108.      The... Continue Reading →


THE APOSTLE PAUL The Work Awaiting the Worker

James Stalker and Edward D. Andrews Paragraphs 68–78. 68–70.       Eight Years of Comparative Inactivity at Tarsus. Gentiles admitted to Christian Church. 71, 72.       Paul discovered by Barnabas and brought to Antioch. His Work there. 73–78.       The Known World of that Period. The... Continue Reading →

The Apostle Paul’s Gospel

James Stalker and Edward D. Andrews Paragraphs 51–67. 51–53.        Sojourn in Arabia. 54–58.       Failure of Man’s Righteousness. Failure of the Gentiles. Failure of the Jews. The Fall the ultimate Cause of Failure. 59–65.       The Righteousness of God.      The New Adam. The... Continue Reading →

The Apostle Paul’s Conversion

James Stalker and Edward D. Andrews Paragraphs 37–50. 37, 38.       The severity of the Persecution. 39–42.       Kicking against the Goad. 43, 44.       The Vision of Christ. 45–48.       Effect of his Conversion on his Thinking. 49, 50.      Its Effect on his... Continue Reading →

The Apostle Paul’s Unconscious Preparation for His Work

James Stalker and Edward D. Andrews Paragraphs 13–36. 14–16.        Date and Place of Birth.      His love of Cities. 17, 18.        Home. 19–26.        Education. Roman Citizenship; 20. Tent-making; 21, 22. Knowledge of Greek Literature; 23–26. Rabbinical Teaching. Gamaliel. Knowledge of Old Testament.... Continue Reading →

The Apostle Paul’s Place In History

James Stalker and Edward D. Andrews Paragraphs 1–12. 1, 2.           The Man Needed by the Time. 3, 4.          A Type of Christian Character. 5, 6.          The Thinker of Christianity. 9–12.         The Missionary of the Gentiles. (1) There are some men whose lives... Continue Reading →

INTRODUCING The Apostle Paul

James Stalker and Edward D. Andrews Paul, The Apostle. Known as Saul of Tarsus before his conversion to Christianity and the most influential leader in the early days of the Christian church. Through his missionary journeys to Asia Minor and... Continue Reading →

Gamaliel Taught Saul of Tarsus

Edward D. Andrews Many stood there calm and in still silence. Only a few moments earlier, they had attempted to kill the apostle Paul, who was also known by his Hebrew name Saul of Tarsus. He had been saved by... Continue Reading →

First-Century Christians to the End of the Earth

At Pentecost 33 C.E.,* there were 120 disciples in the upper room that received Holy Spirit. Within 100 years, the apostles, especially the apostle Paul and those early Christians grew Christianity from 120 disciples to over one million Christians, *... Continue Reading →

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