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Early Christianity

The Apostle Paul’s Writings and His Character

James Stalker and updated by … It has been mentioned that the third missionary journey closed with a flying visit to the churches of Greece. This visit lasted several months; but in the Acts it is passed over in two or... Continue Reading →


THE CHURCH FATHERS: Advocates of Bible Truth

The Church Fathers were prominent theologians and Christian philosophers who lived between the second and fifth centuries C.E. More broadly speaking, Robert M. Grant writes, “In Christian thought since the eighth century, a church father (pater ecclesiae) is a teacher living... Continue Reading →

THE APOLOGISTS: Christian Defenders of the Faith

Marcion of Sinope: He was a rich young man who was also a significant leader in early Christianity (c. 85 – c. 160 C.E.). He publicly stated that Christians should reject the Old Testament. The other Church leaders would eventually... Continue Reading →

Patristic Quotations from New Testament Authors

Another primary source for recovery of the original text of the New Testament is the enormous number of quotations from the early Christian writers (apologetic works, epistles, commentaries, sermons, and the like). “Apostolic Fathers” is the descriptive term used for... Continue Reading →

THE APOSTLE PAUL His Missionary Travels

James Stalker and Updated by ... The First Journey From the beginning, it had been the customary behavior of the preachers of Christianity not to go alone on their expeditions, but two and two. Paul improved on this practice by going... Continue Reading →

THE APOSTLE PAUL The Work Awaiting the Worker

James Stalker and Updated by ... Paul was now in possession of his gospel and was aware that it was to be the mission of his life to preach it to the Gentiles, but he had still to wait a long... Continue Reading →

The Apostle Paul’s Gospel

James Stalker and updated by ... When a man has been suddenly converted, as Paul was, he is generally driven by a strong impulse to make known what has happened to him. Such testimony is very impressive; for it is that... Continue Reading →

The Apostle Paul’s Conversion

James Stalker and Updated by ... It was the persecutor’s hope utterly to exterminate Christianity. But little did he understand its genius. It thrives on persecution. Prosperity has often been fatal to it, persecution never. “They that were scattered abroad went... Continue Reading →

The Apostle Paul’s Unconscious Preparation for His Work

James Stalker and Updated by ... Persons whose conversion takes place after they are grown up are in the habit of looking back upon the period of their life which has preceded this event with sorrow and shame and to wish... Continue Reading →

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