NTTC MATTHEW 9:14: Is It “the Pharisees fast often” or “the Pharisees fast”

Jesus did not fast as the Mosaic Law required, the record of the Gospels does not show him being known for fasting. However, neither Jesus nor the apostles commanded that the disciples had to fast. There are a few accounts of first-century Christians fasting. (Acts 13:2, 3; 14:23) However, early Christians were under no obligation to fast.

Nevertheless, …

NTTC MATTHEW 4:24: “suffering from … torments, the demon-possessed” or “suffering from … tormented demon-possessed”

The meaning is changed when the fourth και (“and”) is included in this sentence or excluded from the sentence. This is not a significant change in meaning. Nevertheless, it is a change in translation and meaning. What are the original words, what is the correct translation, and what is the correct meaning?

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