TEENS: Coping With My Parent’s Divorce

Divorce is difficult for the entire family, but it is extra difficult for the children. Isolating yourself, trying to cope with such a tragedy will be counterproductive. It is best to talk with your parents, letting them know just how sad and confused you are. Depending on your age, they may explain more fully what... Continue Reading →

TEENS: How Do I Find Privacy?

It might seem as though your parents are always intruding into your business. Let us get this one fact out of the way first. That is their job as your parent. They are concerned about your well-being. Their knowledge and life experience allow them to see things coming around the corner of life that your... Continue Reading →

TEENS – How Many Friends Should I have?

Some teens feel that their friends are a representation of who they are, or that the friends are what bring them genuine comfort. Some teens collect online friends thinking that the more they have, the better their social standing. Other teens are more practical, in that, they just have a small circle of friends, and... Continue Reading →

TEENS – There Is Hope

Maybe your life up to this point has been a feeling of despair, a sense of hopelessness, believing that there is no way out, with no expectation that anything will ever change. One thing social media and 24-hour news have done is help us to appreciate that everyone is touched by a tragedy of one... Continue Reading →

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