Christians, Does It Really Matter What You Believe?

"Does it really matter what you believe?" explores the profound influence of religious beliefs on individuals and societies. Through historical examples and biblical references, the article delves into the importance of truth in worship and the role of faith in shaping moral values.

HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY: Formation of the Clergy Class—Power and Prestige

Tracing the history of Christianity, this insightful article delves into the formation of the clergy class and its subsequent power and prestige. From the early apostasy and divisions within the Church, to Constantine's influence, the establishment of Eastern Orthodox Churches, the rise of alternative movements like the Waldensians and Albigenses, and the ruthless Inquisition, this piece offers an engaging exploration of the Church's journey and its impact on religious expression.

Didn’t the Catholic Church Oppose Galileo?

Explore the complex relationship between Galileo Galilei and the Catholic Church as they clashed over the heliocentric model. Understand the historical context of the Church's opposition and learn about the eventual reconciliation and legacy of Galileo's work.

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