THE PASTOR IN HIS SERMON: “The English Says, …”

How many times have we been in church listening to the preacher do a good job expositing (explaining) the text?  At some point, he says “Now, what the Greek actually says is…” At that pronouncement, the congregation grows a little quieter and a little more attentive.  Why is that?

What Was the Origin of the Hebrew Language?

Secular historians are not able to disclose the origin of the Hebrew language. In fact, for that matter, the same is true for any of the most ancient languages known, such as Sumerian, Akkadian (Assyro-Babylonian), Aramaean, and Egyptian. The reason for this is because the earliest tongues appeared already fully developed in the earliest written records that have been discovered.

However, nevertheless, ...

When Did the Hebrew Language Begin to Fade In Use?

"When Did the Hebrew Language Begin to Fade In Use?" examines the historical shifts that led to the decline in the usage of Hebrew. The article delves into the factors contributing to this linguistic evolution, including the influence of Aramaic and other languages. Through a rigorous analysis grounded in historical records and Scriptural references, the article seeks to pinpoint the era in which Hebrew started to wane as a commonly spoken language.

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