CHRISTIANS—Are We Nearing Armageddon?

In this brief article "Are We Nearing Armageddon?", we explore the Biblical understanding of Armageddon and its implications. By delving into prophecy and examining recent world events, the article offers a profound perspective on this climactic battle, the great tribulation, and the future renewal of the earth.

PROPHECY That Is Interpreted Using the Objective Conservative Evangelical Historical-Grammatical Method – Examples Explained

The historical-grammatical method of interpreting Bible prophecy is a method used by conservative Christians to interpret the prophetic passages of the Bible. This method emphasizes the historical and grammatical context in which the prophecy was written, as well as the literary genre of the prophecy, in order to understand the author's intended meaning.

DANIEL 9:24-27 Interpreting the Seventy Weeks of Daniel’s Prophecy

Daniel 9:24-27 gives us a prophetic time period, wherein there would be a word to restore and build Jerusalem that would initiate a time that would run up unto the coming of an anointed one, the Messiah, who would then be cut off and closing out of the seventy weeks of years with the end of the Abrahamic covenant. What do the different aspects of the 70 weeks of Daniel's prophecy mean?

Biblical Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

This article is not being written to give you more information about the spread of the Coronavirus Pandemic. There are websites designed for those updates specifically. The objective of this article is to deal with the Coronavirus Pandemic biblically. What insights does the Bible offer? Some Christians who are aware of the 1918-19 Spanish flu pandemic have been strongly reminded of Bible prophecies. Andrews has written several books on Bible prophecy and dozens of articles.

Interpreting Bible Prophecy

Many people assume that the prophet’s ministry was primarily concerned with predicting future events. However, the Old Testament reveals that prophetic revelation was much broader than this. There is certainly a foretelling of future events, but there is also a forth-telling of the revealed mind and heart of God. This is a very important dimension... Continue Reading →

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