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Striking Inconsistent Elements Present in Islam

One of the most striking inconsistent elements are present in the Quran is the idea of freedom of worship. On the one hand, there are several times that the Quran expresses concern for religious liberty, such as, “Let there be... Continue Reading →


Are Israelite Wars a Justification for Jihads?

A Muslim says to you, “the wars waged by the Israelites at God’s command justify Islam’s jihads.” How would you respond? Continue Reading →

How Do You Reach Muslims with Both Truth and Love?

Introduction We have learned that within the last two decades, more Muslims have come to Christ than within the last 1400 years.  That’s something to think about!  Why are they coming to Christ now?  What is happening? The walls are being... Continue Reading →

What is God Doing in the Muslim World?

Introduction Islam seems to be on the move around the world, exerting its influence through terrorism and the spread of Sharia, as well as immigration and political persuasion. Some reports conclude that Muslims will outnumber Christians by the end of this century,[1] and other... Continue Reading →

How Do You Answer Muslim Objections?

Definition of Apologetics Apologetics comes from the Greek word απολογία (apologia), and the verse in 1 Peter 3:15 translates apologia as giving an “answer” to any who ask about the beliefs of Christians. 1 Peter 3:15 English Standard Version (ESV) 15 but in... Continue Reading →

Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?

Introduction There has been a great deal of confusion brought on by this question, especially in the aftermath of a Wheaton professor’s comment affirming that Muslims and Christians do indeed worship the same God. After all, can there logically be more than... Continue Reading →

Radical and Fundamentalist Islamists Eschatology

There are 1.8 billion Muslims in the world, and only 1% percent of them are radical, which means 18 million Muslims are radical. 108 million other Muslims are fundamentalist Islamists, who support the radicals ideologically and financially. Shariah Law is... Continue Reading →

The Worldview of Islam and Radical Islam

It seems kind of out of place to talk about the rise of radical Islam when Muslim marauding bands slaughtered Muslims and non-Muslims from the beginning in the seventh century, and Islam has taken many areas of the world throughout... Continue Reading →

Pre-Islamic Overview: Paganism or Heretical Monotheism?

Introduction The traditional accounts describe Arabs before the time of Muhammad as being in a state of confusion, which Muslims refer to as “Jahiliyyah.” This term means that the Arabs were spiritually lost, and their practices were strongly opposed to Allah’s ways – they... Continue Reading →

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