GENESIS 1 AND 2: Are There Two Creation Accounts?

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The differences between these two accounts have convinced many scholars that there must be two different authors for these sections. However, “doublets” in Scripture by the same author are not unusual as will be seen in the Book of Genesis as well as in the rest of Scripture. Such a presentation should not be unexpected, especially in the poetic parallelism feature in Hebrew.

Francis Schaeffer notes, “More light is shed on the relationship between Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 by a consideration of a literary structure that occurs throughout the entire book of Genesis: First, less important things are dealt with rapidly, and then the things more important to the central theme of the bible are returned to and developed more fully” (Schaeffer, 40-41). The differences can be explained in light of the focus of each account, as is done in this commentary.


Genesis 2:4 BDC: “God” is used in Genesis chapter 1, while chapter 2 changes to Jehovah God. Does this mean that there are two different authors of Genesis?



Gangel, Kenneth; Bramer, Stephen  J. Holman Old Testament Commentary – Genesis: 1 . B&H Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.


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  1. Edward,

    Almost all societies have a certain way of telling a story. In most cases, the story starts with a wide circle covering the essentials. Then the focus of the story is narrowed to cover more specific details that are essential to the story. Hebrew starts with the broad circle of Genesis 1. Genesis 2, then, is the narrowing of the focus to the events of Day Six. This narrowing of the focus in Genesis 2 specifically is a commentary of Genesis 1:26-31 with the Creation of Man, i.e. Adam and Eve,
    Genesis 2 also culminates with the naming of the animals, the authority of Adam over the animals, creation of Eve for Adam as a helper, and the institution of Marriage. The definition of marriage is delineated as between a “Man and Woman” which corresponds with 1:26-27. Thus, the institution of Marriage, the family unit, was before human governments ever existed.

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