Christians—The Naive Person Believes Every Word

This in-depth blog article explores the notion that "the naive person believes every word," and elaborates on the importance of discernment and wisdom in the Christian life. Relying on a rigorous analysis of biblical teachings, the article provides actionable insights on how to evaluate information and avoid deception.

Christians, When NOT to Be Kind to Yourself

"When NOT to Be Kind to Yourself" explores the notion that self-care isn't always about indulgence. Sometimes, kindness to oneself can be detrimental, leading to negative long-term consequences. Drawing from examples such as health, addiction, spiritual teachings, and professional goals, the article uncovers the importance of disciplined effort, long-range perspectives, and the balance between self-love and responsibility.

CHRISTIANS: Why Maturity of Discernment Is Vital

In our Christian journey, developing a mature discernment is crucial. This article unpacks why this growth in discernment is vital, exploring its Biblical and historical basis and its implications for our lives. As we strive to emulate the profound perception and wisdom of God and Christ, we find a richer harvest of righteousness. This discernment equips us to navigate the intertwining paths of good and evil, and to become more effective in our witness for God.

Christians, the Company We Keep Plays a Pivotal Role in Shaping Our Character

This article explores the profound influence of the company we keep on our Christian character. It offers biblical wisdom on how to choose relationships that encourage spiritual growth, while cautioning against those that might hinder our journey with Christ. It also discusses the importance of discernment when engaging with different forms of literature and art, highlighting the Bible's ultimate authority in guiding our moral compass.

GOD’S WORD: Christian Modesty—Proof of Wisdom

Explore the significance of Christian modesty as a proof of wisdom in light of God's Word. Discover the woes caused by its absence, biblical examples of modesty, and practical steps for cultivating this essential virtue in a society that often values self-promotion. Embrace the transformative power of Christian modesty as a reflection of humility and wisdom rooted in God's guidance.

How to Study the Bible Effectively

Dive into our short guide on 'How to Study the Bible'. Discover effective methods to enrich your understanding and deepen your relationship with God through scripture. Begin your spiritual journey with us today - wisdom and peace await.

CHRISTIAN LIVING: Is Thrill-Seeking Worth the Risk?

Is thrill-seeking worth the risk? Learn about the dangers of engaging in risky behavior and the importance of exercising good judgment and surrounding yourself with wise friends. Discover safer ways to test your limits and build genuine self-respect while avoiding unnecessary risks. Biblical principles offer guidance on making wise choices for a fulfilling life.

CHRISTIAN LIVING: Getting to the Root of Our Problems

Discover the Biblical wisdom and understanding that can help you make sense of life's challenges and find hope and healing. Explore the teachings of the Bible on human nature, God's love, and the importance of peace and harmony in our world. Gain guidance and insight into the complexities of life with the help of Biblical wisdom and understanding.

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