How Should a Christian Understand Postmodernism?

In an era where "truth isn't what it used to be," understanding postmodernism is crucial for Christians. This article dives into the core principles of postmodern thought, its inconsistencies, and how a Christian should navigate a world increasingly shaped by postmodern ideology. Scripture serves as our guiding lens, presenting an objective and rational alternative to postmodern relativism.

Christians, Does It Really Matter What You Believe?

"Does it really matter what you believe?" explores the profound influence of religious beliefs on individuals and societies. Through historical examples and biblical references, the article delves into the importance of truth in worship and the role of faith in shaping moral values.

The Resurrection: Key Evidence for the Truth of Christianity

Explore the compelling evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ, a pivotal event that provides key support for the truth of Christianity. Delve into biblical accounts, historical context, archaeological evidence, Dr. Gary Habermas insights, non-Christian witnesses, and eyewitness testimonies to understand the significance and transformative power of this foundational event.

Christians—An Honest Person Tells the Truth

"An Honest Person Tells the Truth" explores the biblical mandate for honesty as an essential virtue that reflects God's character. It delves into the divine nature of truth, human responsibility to it, and the consequences of dishonesty, showing how honesty is not just a moral choice but a profound spiritual calling.

What Does the Bible Really Teach or Say About “Truth”?

What do the Hebrew and Greek terms that are rendered truth mean exactly? Is there a distinction between Greek and Hebrew conceptions of truth? In what sense is the Father “the God of truth.” What is the meaning of the statement that Jesus Christ is himself “the truth”?  How are we to under the Holy Spirit as “the Spirit of the truth”? How is it that God’s Word is truth? How is the creation of all things a testimony to the truth? What does it mean to ‘walking in the truth’?

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