Christians—Why Is Life So Unfair?

The blog post discusses the theological and philosophical issues around life's unfairness, focusing on the Christian perspective. It emphasizes the role of human sin and the free will God grants us as sources of suffering and injustice. The discussion revolves around biblical teachings and asserts that God will eventually rectify all injustices. It provocatively asserts that Christians should live justly and embrace the world's unfairness with faith, hope, and courage.

Enduring When Faced with Persecution Brings Praise to God

In a world increasingly hostile to Christian values, enduring persecution becomes an inevitable part of our journey of faith. This article explores how facing persecution with resilience not only strengthens our spiritual growth but also brings praise to God, illuminating His grace and mercy to the world.

Why Doesn’t God Get Rid of the Devil?

Why doesn't God get rid of the Devil? This article explores the reasons why God allows the Devil to exist and the ultimate outcome of the legal proceedings against him. Learn about the promise of God and the resolution of suffering in the future.

Is God to Blame for Our Suffering?

Does God cause our suffering? Many people blame him, but what does the Bible really say? Read on to understand why misrepresentation of God's character can lead to confusion and how he truly feels about our pain.

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