GUIDANCE: Trying to Lead a Christian Life

I have met a great many who are trying to lead a Christian life, who are much troubled over the question of guidance. They wish to do the will of God in all things, but what puzzles them is to tell what the will of God may be in every case.

How are We to Respond to and what Is the Lesson from the Ravi Zacharias’ Spiritual Shipwreck?

The unfortunate events surrounding the late Ravi Zacharias, a widely respected Christian apologist accused of serious moral failings, have sent shockwaves through the global Christian community. Zacharias, who spent decades defending the Christian faith and mentoring countless individuals, sadly left a legacy marred by scandal. The response to and lessons from this 'spiritual shipwreck' offer critical insights for individual believers and the broader church.

CHRISTIANS: Light and Shining

One of the peculiarities of our Lord’s method of teaching is His repeated use of a number of favorite sayings—or maxims, we may call them—in varied connections and in differing applications. Let's consider Mark 4:21–25.

MATTHEW 5:11 For Christ’s Sake

As Christians, let us be Christians, recognizably followers of Christ, doing His will in all we do and trying our duty at every stage simply by these questions: Is it according to His will? Does it serve His glory? Is it for His sake? So doing, we cannot but approve ourselves before man and God as followers of Him.

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