CHRISTIANS: Why Maturity of Discernment Is Vital

In our Christian journey, developing a mature discernment is crucial. This article unpacks why this growth in discernment is vital, exploring its Biblical and historical basis and its implications for our lives. As we strive to emulate the profound perception and wisdom of God and Christ, we find a richer harvest of righteousness. This discernment equips us to navigate the intertwining paths of good and evil, and to become more effective in our witness for God.

Christian Parents: Train Up a Child in the Way They Should Go

In "Christian Parents: Train Up a Child in the Way They Should Go," we delve deep into the biblical approach to parenting, exploring the spiritual, emotional, and practical facets of raising a child in a Christian home. The article provides insight into how Christian values can be instilled from a young age, offering parents practical, scriptural-based advice on nurturing the faith of their children.

The Erosion of Honesty: A Biblical Perspective

Uncover the declining state of honesty in today's society from a Biblical perspective. Understand the causes, implications, and how we can reclaim this virtue through self-examination, accountability, and love. Explore the rewards of honesty in a dishonest world from a Biblical viewpoint. Discover how honesty fosters trust, personal growth, spiritual enrichment, and God's favor, even when dishonesty seems to prevail. Dive into the many blessings that honesty yields - from personal peace to societal well-being. Learn how honesty, deeply rooted in Biblical ethos, plays a crucial role in shaping our lives and communities.

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