EARLY CHRISTIANITY: Were the Apostolic Fathers Truly Apostolic?

Being apostolic would mean that they retained the teachings of the apostle. Even today, with all of the manuscripts and historical evidence, it is still difficult to determine just how closely the teachings of the Apostolic Fathers resembled to or agreed with Jesus’ teachings. The objective of these men was undoubtedly altruistic (noble), seeking to protect or support (make known) a certain orthodox Christianity. They denounced idolatry and loose morals. They believed that Jesus is the divine Son of God and that he was resurrected. However, they were not able to hold back the growing wave of apostasy. Sadly, being honest, some of them contributed to it.

EARLY CHRISTIANITY: The Shepherd of Hermas – Early Christian Writer

The Shepherd of Hermas is part of that collection of writings that since the 19th century has been termed “The Apostolic Fathers,” the first generation of Christian leaders writing after the end of the apostolic age and the completion of the New Testament (NT) canonical documents. These writings are a vital part of our understanding regarding the development of Christianity.

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