Christians—How Can We Find Out What God Requires of Us?

Understanding what God requires of us requires serious attention, study, and internalizing spiritual principles. It involves studying the Scriptures, learning from spiritually mature individuals, and applying these principles in our lives. This comprehension of God's expectations helps align our lives with His will. Sources of understanding include the Bible, external resources, prayer, Christian community, trials, and spiritual mentorship. However, understanding God's requirements is a lifelong commitment and not an overnight task.

Christians—Who Are You to Judge Others?

Navigating the complicated terrain of judging others as Christians. How can we reconcile the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 7:1 with the broader Scriptural mandate to evaluate actions righteously? Learn the distinction between righteous and condemnatory judgments and how to balance the two in a Christian life.

Biblical Archaeology—Basis for Believing the Bible

Biblical Archaeology is not just a field of study; it's a testament to the unerring accuracy and integrity of the Scriptures. This article delves into the archaeological discoveries that confirm the historical events mentioned in the Bible, reinforcing faith in its Divine inspiration.

Does the Old Testament Teach Salvation by Works?

This article presents the argument that the Old Testament does not teach salvation by works, but rather by faith in God. It examines key Old Testament scriptures that relate to the question of salvation, and argues that the overall message of the Old Testament emphasizes salvation as a gift from God that is received by faith, rather than something that is earned by good works.

CHRISTIANS—The Wise Person Pauses and Considers His Ways

"CHRISTIANS—The Wise Person Pauses and Considers His Ways" delves into the biblical call for wisdom and self-reflection. Through examples from King David to Apostle Paul, the article explores how this principle is vital for personal growth, relationships, stewardship, and evangelism, and offers practical applications for living a life that honors God.

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