CHRISTIAN Seekers Encouraged: The Substitute

The whole pith and marrow of the religion of Christianity lies in the doctrine of “substitution,” and I do not hesitate to affirm my conviction that a very large proportion of “Christians” are not Christians at all, for they do not understand the fundamental doctrine of the Christian creed; and, alas, there are preachers who do not preach, or even believe this cardinal truth.


The Christians in Thessalonica were urged to adhere to what they had been taught. This passage can furnish no authority for holding the teachings which have come down from church leaders. No one should ever refer to themselves as a Calvinist, an Arminian, a Lutheran, a Wesleyan, and so on. You're either a Christian or you are not.

Christ Jesus Came to Save Sinners?

"No one is beyond the scope or power of God to save and recreate into his likeness. God is extravagant in his love and mercy. He has shown mercy to all of us, because all are sinners. We become the exhibit piece of God’s mercy, love, and faithfulness to those we live with and meet along life’s way." - Knute Larson

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