Christians—Learning from an Experiment That Failed

In the article "Christians—Learning from an Experiment That Failed," the historical efforts of the Pharisees to attain righteousness through strict adherence to religious laws are explored. Despite their extraordinary attempts to follow the Mosaic Law, their experiment failed. What went wrong, and what vital lessons can Christians today learn from this historical failure?

CHRISTIANS: Do Women Belong in the Pulpit?

The issue of women as clergy has become a wedge between members of the same religion. Explore the roles of Christian women in teaching, preaching, and their contributions to the congregation, as they seek spiritual fulfillment and work towards establishing a world of righteousness and peace under Jesus Christ's reign.

CHRISTIANS: Women in the Pulpit?

Discover what the Bible says about women's roles in Christianity and how it relates to headship and submission. Gain insights from Christian teachings and learn why following the Biblical teachings can bring true happiness and blessings.

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