WAS IT FORGED?: Second Corinthians

Exploring the depths of historical, textual, and linguistic evidence, the article "What Convincing Evidence Affirms Paul's Authorship of 2 Corinthians?" delves into the substantial proof that Paul the Apostle authored this profound New Testament epistle. From its unmistakable Pauline greetings to the corroborative testimony of early church fathers, the case for Paul's authorship is presented with clarity and conviction.

Paul’s Life and Character as Reflected in his Epistles

The epistles of Paul furnish a most valuable supplement to the narrative of his life as found in the Book of Acts. His language often reflects the time when he was “a blasphemer, and a persecutor, and injurious” (1 Tim. 1:13), and we see him carrying the same fiery zeal—tempered into a calm, steady flame of Christian love—into his missionary labors.

The Apostle Paul before His Conversion

We approach the apostle of the Gentiles who decided the victory of Christianity as a universal religion, who labored more, both in word and deed, than all his colleagues, and who stands out, in lonely grandeur, as the most remarkable and influential character in history.

The Origin of the Apostle Paul

But for those who do not adopt the extreme agnostic position, there is no other logical position except that of accepting the general scheme of ancient history, in which Christianity is the crowning factor that gives unity and rational plan to the whole.

BOYHOOD IN A HEATHEN CITY: Before He Was the Apostle Paul

Though we cannot state with perfect accuracy the date either of the birth or death of the great Apostle of the Gentiles, both may be inferred within narrow limits. When he is first mentioned, on the occasion of Stephen’s martyrdom, he is called a young man, and when he wrote the Epistle to Philemon he calls himself Paul the aged.

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