How Does the Account of Gideon Reveal God’s Guidance in Times of National Crisis?

This article delves into the compelling account of Gideon, a figure of humility and obedience, transformed by Jehovah into a mighty leader. This article explores the pivotal moments in Gideon's journey as detailed in the Book of Judges, from his initial doubt and reluctance to his divine anointing and ultimate victory over the Midianites. Through careful examination of the biblical narrative, we gain profound insights into Jehovah’s guidance, the importance of faith and obedience, and the power of divine assurance in times of national crisis.

Christians—How Can We Live a Life That Is Pleasing to God?

Christian living requires pleasing God through faith, obedience, repentance, worship, service to others, financial stewardship, and resilience during trials. It isn't about rule-following but about living out a relationship with God. These actions are seen as expressions of love and commitment, not ways to earn God's favor. The ultimate goal is eternal rewards, emphasizing a perspective that looks beyond the current world of wicked mankind.

Bible Answers—A Man After God’s Own Heart

Explore the profound implications of the phrase "A Man After God's Own Heart" in 1 Samuel 13:14. This article delves into David's unique relationship with Jehovah, examining its historical, theological, and ethical dimensions. Learn what it truly means to be a person after God's own heart.

Christians—Removing the Stain of Sin

"Christians—Removing the Stain of Sin" delves into the profound biblical understanding of sin's introduction into the world and God's loving provision for redemption. It explores the complex nature of sin, its effect on humanity, and the extraordinary sacrifice of Jesus Christ that offers the path to salvation. The article provides practical insights on how believers can navigate their sinful nature and lays out the divine promise of a sin-free future.

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