Why Did Jesus Use Fermented Wine During the Memorial of His Death, Despite the Passover Command Against Leaven?

Unpack the profound reasons behind Jesus' use of fermented wine during the Memorial of His death in 'Why Did Jesus Use Fermented Wine During the Memorial of His Death Despite the Passover Command Against Leaven?' This article dives into the harmonization of Jesus' actions with the Passover command in Exodus 12:20, exploring the theological significance, cultural context, and the symbolic transformation from Old to New Covenant practices in Christian theology.

Jeremiah the Prophet: His Life and Divine Calling

Explore the profound legacy of Jeremiah, an Old Testament prophet revered for his impactful prophecies and symbolic acts. From his divine commission to his recognition by biblical figures like Daniel, Ezra, and the Apostles Matthew and Paul, delve into the life and teachings of a prophet whose messages of faith, judgment, and hope resonate through biblical history.

The Dual Moments of Christ’s High Priesthood and the Inauguration of the New Covenant

The article explores Jesus Christ's role as the High Priest in the New Testament and the timing of the new covenant's validation and inauguration. It explains that Jesus became High Priest after his resurrection, adopting the responsibility of mediating between God and man. Furthermore, His death and resurrection validated the new covenant, but its fuller realization is a gradual process that will culminate with His return to establish His kingdom on earth.

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