Christians, the Company We Keep Plays a Pivotal Role in Shaping Our Character

This article explores the profound influence of the company we keep on our Christian character. It offers biblical wisdom on how to choose relationships that encourage spiritual growth, while cautioning against those that might hinder our journey with Christ. It also discusses the importance of discernment when engaging with different forms of literature and art, highlighting the Bible's ultimate authority in guiding our moral compass.

Is the Old Testament Ethical?

As a Christian conservative apologist, I explain the ethical framework of the Old Testament and how it has formed the foundation of Judeo-Christian morality. Through its historical context, laws, stories, and teachings, the Old Testament promotes principles such as justice, compassion, and forgiveness. Moreover, the Old Testament provides a theological framework essential for understanding the Christian faith and the historical context of the New Testament.

Is the Old Testament Ethical?

The prevailing prejudice against Scripture is that the Old Testament portrays a violent God of a violent people and is filled with narratives recounting horrendous events with disreputable people playing major roles. Is the Old Testament ethical? Here are some reasons why it is.

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