CHRISTIAN LIVING: Teen Depression—Why? What Can Help?

Learn about the causes and symptoms of teen depression, as well as effective treatments and coping strategies. Find out how to offer support to your depressed teen and create a "first-aid kit" for emotions. Get valuable insights from both professional counselors and young people who have successfully dealt with depression.

Christians, We are All Born into Slavery

Sin is a central concept in Christian theology, and it is one that has been extensively discussed and debated over the centuries. At its most basic level, sin is understood as the breaking of God's law, but it is also more than that. It is a condition that affects every aspect of human life, from our thoughts and actions to our relationships with others and with God.

Get the Correct Mental Grasp

Our heavenly Father, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, has an absolute understanding (correct mental grasp) of everything, and in His Word, the Bible, he is generous enough to let us in on some crucial issues, helping us to understand. Having an understanding (correct mental grasp) of Scripture is what differentiates the spiritual babe from the mature Christian.

How Is It That We are All Born Into Slavery?

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden had free will but chose to abuse it, to rebel against their Creator. God had created them as perfect humans; they lacked nothing. They need not fear any illnesses, hunger, death, any form of difficulty that plagues man today.

Playing an Active Role in Our Bipolar Disorder

Mood disorders such as bipolar are now becoming commonly known, because some famous celebrities have drawn attention to them. For example, you have the actors Jim Carrey and Robert Pattinson, the musician Britney Spears, and the actress Linda Hamilton, to mention just a few.

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