THE BIBLE’s VIEWPOINT: Hate Is Never the Answer

“Love your enemies.”—MATTHEW 5:44. Throughout the United States and other countries, hatred and animosity between race and ethnic groups (Caucasians, Blacks, and Latinos), as well as worldview ideologies (Black Lives Matters, Antifa, Leftist Marxism), not to mention political ideologies (conservatism vs liberalism and capitalism vs socialism), and religious beliefs (Christianity vs Atheism).

NTTC MATTHEW 5:44b: “pray for those persecuting you”

Just like a Christian apologist today who says similar things at different events, the words are not always the same. So too, Jesus said similar things at different times. In the Sermon Near Capernaum on the Mount at Matthew 5:1–7:29, we find the short reading. When Jesus came down the mountain to the plains, he also gave a sermon ...

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