The Significance of Documentary Evidence in Textual Criticism

Explore the pivotal role of documentary evidence in New Testament Textual Criticism. Understand how discoveries like Papyrus 𝔓75 and Codex Vaticanus have reshaped our understanding of the textual transmission and authenticity of early Christian writings. Dive into the debates and methodologies that define the field, highlighting the contributions of scholars like Westcott and Hort in assessing the Alexandrian and Western text-types.

Patristic Citations: Their Role in Textual Criticism of the New Testament

This article explores the role of Patristic Citations in the field of Textual Criticism. It details how the writings of early Church Fathers, which often cite or reference New Testament passages, can aid in the quest to determine the original wording of the New Testament. The challenges and insights of employing Patristic Citations are discussed, emphasizing their essential place in this critical field of study.

Exploring the Rich History of New Testament Manuscripts

Unearth the fascinating journey of New Testament Manuscripts from their origins in the first century AD to their transmission into today's widely available versions. Explore the importance of textual criticism, the significance of discoveries like the John Rylands Papyrus, and the impact of the printing press on the New Testament's availability

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