The Early Christian’s View of the Integrity of the Greek New Testament Books

Are you intrigued by the history of the early Christian era? Have you ever wondered how the earliest Christians perceived the integrity of the Greek New Testament books that were just taking form? Journey with us back to the formative centuries of Christianity, where our historical and textual exploration will bring to light the beliefs and attitudes of those early followers of Christ towards the very texts that have shaped billions of lives. 'The Early Christian's View of the Integrity of the Greek New Testament Books' is not just an academic exploration—it's a time machine that provides deep insights into the roots of Christian faith and the sacred scriptures that have stood the test of time. Discover how faith, tradition, and scripture intertwine in the tapestry of early Christian history, and how they bolster our understanding and confidence in the New Testament today.

What Do We Know About Books, Reading, and Writing; Literacy In Early Christianity?

Rome was a complex society. Levels of literacy were fluid because of the conditions of the day being as culturally and ethnically diverse as it was. The Roman Empire from the first century to the fourth century was as culturally and ethnically diverse as New York City and its five boroughs: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. "Jesus was born in such a literate, well-documented period." - Paul Barnett, Is the New Testament Reliable? (2003, 20).

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