Christians—How Can We Live a Life That Is Pleasing to God?

Christian living requires pleasing God through faith, obedience, repentance, worship, service to others, financial stewardship, and resilience during trials. It isn't about rule-following but about living out a relationship with God. These actions are seen as expressions of love and commitment, not ways to earn God's favor. The ultimate goal is eternal rewards, emphasizing a perspective that looks beyond the current world of wicked mankind.

Christians—Why Is Life So Unfair?

The blog post discusses the theological and philosophical issues around life's unfairness, focusing on the Christian perspective. It emphasizes the role of human sin and the free will God grants us as sources of suffering and injustice. The discussion revolves around biblical teachings and asserts that God will eventually rectify all injustices. It provocatively asserts that Christians should live justly and embrace the world's unfairness with faith, hope, and courage.

What Does the Bible Say Regarding Human Cloning?

Explore an in-depth analysis of what the Bible, with its timeless principles and wisdom, can offer in the ethical discourse surrounding human cloning. While not explicitly addressed in Scripture, the principles about the sanctity of life, respect for individuality, and the divine design for procreation provide insightful guidance on this complex issue.

Walking by Faith: Trusting God’s Plan for Your Life

Walking by faith and trusting in God's plan for our lives is a fundamental aspect of the Christian journey. This article provides an in-depth exploration of what it means to walk by faith, how to trust in God's plan, and the implications of this trust in our daily lives and decisions. Drawing upon biblical examples from both the Old and New Testaments, it guides believers towards a deeper understanding and stronger reliance on God's divine wisdom and purpose.

CHRISTIAN LIVING: Getting to the Root of Our Problems

Discover the Biblical wisdom and understanding that can help you make sense of life's challenges and find hope and healing. Explore the teachings of the Bible on human nature, God's love, and the importance of peace and harmony in our world. Gain guidance and insight into the complexities of life with the help of Biblical wisdom and understanding.


This article explores the evidence that suggests life appears to be designed, from the complexity of cells and DNA to the precise arrangement of nucleotides. The article also considers alternative explanations for the origin of life, including evolution and natural processes.

Christian Way of Life Even In Satan’s World

Navigate through Satan's world as a Christian. Understand the spiritual warfare you face and learn how the armor of God, prayer, love, service, and a non-conforming attitude can help you uphold the Christian way of life. Discover the power of sanctification and the importance of devotion to God amidst worldly challenges.

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