Does God Still Judge the Nations? Why or Why Not?

This article dives into the pressing question of whether God still judges the nations, providing an in-depth examination from a biblical perspective. Leveraging the wisdom of the Old and New Testaments, it outlines the irrevocable divine standards and sheds light on the understanding of divine judgment in our present time.

Christians, When NOT to Be Kind to Yourself

"When NOT to Be Kind to Yourself" explores the notion that self-care isn't always about indulgence. Sometimes, kindness to oneself can be detrimental, leading to negative long-term consequences. Drawing from examples such as health, addiction, spiritual teachings, and professional goals, the article uncovers the importance of disciplined effort, long-range perspectives, and the balance between self-love and responsibility.

GOD’S WORD: Christian Modesty—Proof of Wisdom

Explore the significance of Christian modesty as a proof of wisdom in light of God's Word. Discover the woes caused by its absence, biblical examples of modesty, and practical steps for cultivating this essential virtue in a society that often values self-promotion. Embrace the transformative power of Christian modesty as a reflection of humility and wisdom rooted in God's guidance.

NTTC 2 PETER 3:7, 10: Will God Destroy the Earth by Fire?

Exploring the textual complexities of 2 Peter 3:7, 10, this article seeks to answer the intriguing question: Will God destroy the Earth by fire? Through meticulous textual analysis and examination of manuscript evidence, the symbolic interpretation of fire and judgment in these verses is revealed, providing insight into the apocalyptic imagery used in Scripture.

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