How Did Ezra’s Zeal for Pure Worship Shape the Restoration of Jerusalem?

This is a detailed exploration of Ezra and Nehemiah's pivotal roles in the post-exilic period. This series uncovers their efforts in leading the Jewish exiles back to Jerusalem, their commitment to rebuilding the Temple, and their dedication to reestablishing the Law of Moses as the centerpiece of Jewish life. From confronting intermarriage issues to the joyous observance of the Festival of Shelters, discover how Ezra and Nehemiah guided the community through significant religious reforms, fostering a renewed covenant relationship with Jehovah and reinstating pure worship based on scriptural obedience. Many Images!

How Does the Account of Haman in Esther Illustrate ‘Pride Goes Before Destruction’?

Explore the dramatic story of Haman's downfall in the Book of Esther, a tale of pride, plotting, and providence. This four-part analysis delves deep into the Biblical narrative, revealing how Haman’s ascent to power and subsequent plot to annihilate the Jews becomes his undoing. From Esther's courageous intervention to Mordecai's rise and the ultimate triumph of the Jewish people, each segment of the article offers insightful reflections on divine justice, the dangers of pride, and the power of righteousness. Discover how this ancient story holds timeless lessons on faith, courage, and Jehovah's unwavering commitment to His people.

The Coins of the Jewish Revolts: c. 66-70 AD, 132-135 AD

The coins minted during both the Jewish Revolt (66-70 AD) and the Bar Kokhba Revolt (132-135 AD) against the Roman Empire offer invaluable insights into the historical, cultural, and linguistic context of these periods. They showcase nationalistic, religious and ideological motivations behind the revolts, constituting a narrative of resistance and identity. Despite challenges in authenticity and interpretation, through archaeological, numismatic and linguistic investigations, scholars can unravel nuances of these tumultuous periods, contributing to understanding of Jewish resilience and struggle for freedom.

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