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Immortal Soul

What Will Happen if You Die?

When the Bible talks about the condition of the dead it presents it in five senses, (1) knowing nothing, (2) asleep like state, (3) powerless, (4) returning to the dust of the ground, (5) and awaiting a resurrection. Almost every... Continue Reading →

Are Near Death Experiences or Out of Body Experiences Biblical?

These near death experiences or out of body experiences have been used to argue that humans have a soul that lives on after a person dies. The simple answer is that these are simply hallucinations when the body and mind... Continue Reading →

Do Humans Have a Soul that Is Apart From Us?

Ministers, pastors, elders, overseers, leaders of churches have made many comments to those who have lost their loved one prematurely, in a car accident, natural disaster, war, and the like. They make such comments, such as, “While we grieve for... Continue Reading →

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