Understanding the Charge of ‘King of the Jews’: A Conservative Examination of Jesus’ Crucifixion and Bart D. Ehrman’s Interpretation

In "Understanding the Charge of 'King of the Jews': A Conservative Examination of Jesus' Crucifixion and Bart D. Ehrman's Interpretation," we critically analyze the historical evidence surrounding Jesus' crucifixion and challenge Ehrman's interpretation. Drawing from the New Testament and reputable conservative Bible scholars, this article presents a thorough evaluation of the charge against Jesus as 'King of the Jews.

Should Archaeology Make You Doubt the Bible?

In 'Should Archaeology Make You Doubt the Bible?', we venture into the world of biblical archaeology, examining how archaeological findings affirm the authenticity of the Bible. Far from instigating doubt, these discoveries provide a fascinating supplement to biblical narratives and corroborate historical accuracy.


Delve into the world of Biblical Archaeology with our comprehensive guide. 'Digging For the Truth' explores the intersection of faith and science, examining archaeological discoveries that confirm and illuminate the historical biblical narrative. This article provides insightful analysis and reflections on archaeological finds that bring the Bible's history to life, reinforcing its accuracy and reliability.

Why Should You Trust In the Word of God?

The Word of God stands as a beacon of truth and trust for Christians worldwide. It's a divine testament, consistently portraying God's love and righteousness over centuries. Its historical and prophetic accuracy, coupled with its life-transforming power, provides profound reasons to trust in its message. The endurance of God's Word over time further cements its reliability. As Christians, trust in the Word of God is not just an option, but a firm foundation for our faith.

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