How Have Some Christians Misused Apologetics?

In the article "How Have Some Christians Misused Apologetics?", we explore the ways in which well-intentioned defenses of the faith can sometimes go awry. From overly aggressive argumentation to neglecting love and empathy, misuse of apologetics can damage relationships and hinder the Gospel's impact. Discover how to identify and avoid these pitfalls, and learn how to engage in apologetics that truly honors Christ and serves others.

CHRISTIANS: Do Women Belong in the Pulpit?

The issue of women as clergy has become a wedge between members of the same religion. Explore the roles of Christian women in teaching, preaching, and their contributions to the congregation, as they seek spiritual fulfillment and work towards establishing a world of righteousness and peace under Jesus Christ's reign.

SATAN THE DEVIL: Know Your Enemy

'SATAN THE DEVIL: Know Your Enemy' invites you into a thorough understanding of Satan's characteristics and limitations from a biblical perspective. Discover how this understanding equips believers to resist Satan's schemes and stand firm in faith, preparing for victory in the spiritual battlefield.

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