Christians, When NOT to Be Kind to Yourself

"When NOT to Be Kind to Yourself" explores the notion that self-care isn't always about indulgence. Sometimes, kindness to oneself can be detrimental, leading to negative long-term consequences. Drawing from examples such as health, addiction, spiritual teachings, and professional goals, the article uncovers the importance of disciplined effort, long-range perspectives, and the balance between self-love and responsibility.

Overcoming Procrastination: Taking Action with God’s Guidance

Are you struggling with procrastination? Do you feel like you're always putting things off until later? If so, you're not alone. Procrastination is a common problem, but it doesn't have to be a permanent one. In this article, we'll discuss how to overcome procrastination with God's guidance. Discover how to combat procrastination through God's guidance. Explore biblical principles and faith-based strategies to increase productivity and steward time effectively. Learn to take action and live intentionally, reflecting the diligence and purposefulness that Christian life calls for.

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