Does God Foreknowing​ That Judas Iscariot Will betray Jesus, Predestine Him, or coerce Him to act Against His Free Will?

Foreknowledge is the concept of knowledge regarding future events. The Problem: If God knows, then He knows everything. So then, God would know what will happen tomorrow, next year, or one thousand years from now. Furthermore, an omniscient being is never wrong. Therefore, it seems that it would follow that whatever God knows will happen in the future will happen in the future. Below we will unravel this supposed problem.

Is God’s Foreknowledge Compatible with Free Will?

How is it that Adam and Eve were blamed for their actions before the foundation of the world? Does God foreknowing​ that Judas Iscariot will betray Jesus, predestine him, or coerce him to act against his free will? Are some chosen (predestined) to eternal salvation and others to eternal condemnation? Does God really ordain each of us individually ahead of time as to what our actions and final destiny will be? What does the Bible really teach?

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