How Did Ezra’s Zeal for Pure Worship Shape the Restoration of Jerusalem?

This is a detailed exploration of Ezra and Nehemiah's pivotal roles in the post-exilic period. This series uncovers their efforts in leading the Jewish exiles back to Jerusalem, their commitment to rebuilding the Temple, and their dedication to reestablishing the Law of Moses as the centerpiece of Jewish life. From confronting intermarriage issues to the joyous observance of the Festival of Shelters, discover how Ezra and Nehemiah guided the community through significant religious reforms, fostering a renewed covenant relationship with Jehovah and reinstating pure worship based on scriptural obedience. Many Images!

The Divine Guidance of God in Human Plans

Proverbs 16:1 beautifully encapsulates a profound truth about the interplay between human agency and divine sovereignty. It is a striking piece of wisdom literature from the Old Testament, deeply rooted in the historical and cultural context of ancient Israel.

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