Christians, When NOT to Be Kind to Yourself

"When NOT to Be Kind to Yourself" explores the notion that self-care isn't always about indulgence. Sometimes, kindness to oneself can be detrimental, leading to negative long-term consequences. Drawing from examples such as health, addiction, spiritual teachings, and professional goals, the article uncovers the importance of disciplined effort, long-range perspectives, and the balance between self-love and responsibility.

Does the Bible Condone Physical Punishment? Proverbs 20:30

In our analysis, 'Does the Bible Condone Physical Punishment? Proverbs 20:30', we delve into the literal and contextual interpretations of physical discipline in biblical texts. This includes a deep-dive into the symbolic nature of 'strokes' and 'the rod' and how they were meant to serve as corrective, not abusive measures. Join us as we explore these complex themes, dispelling misunderstandings about the Bible's stance on corporal punishment.

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